Bring Your Projects to Life

Our New 5,000sqft Production Studio is equipped with everything you need to record, produce, and shoot your entire vision from start to finish. Along with our team of professionals ready to take your project to the next level and distribute it to the world.

Recording Studio

Access a dedicated producer to help your music reach the next level, along with our library of sounds and software to give your projects a professional take. 

Music mastering takes your good-sounding mix and transforms it into a professionally finished master.

We also help you correct any existing balance problems within the mix and enhancing any specific characteristics desired for your signature sound.

Video Production

Create stunning visuals for your music projects and share them with the world. As well as social posts and content.

Use our 5,000sqft facility to create sets, our infinity white wall for photoshoots, and video content. Host an event, record it, and more.

Our creative video professionals will guide you the entire way, using state of the art equipment, lighting, props, and models to bring your music video to life.

Marketing & Promotion

Promote your music throughout all available channels. Set goals and budgets for promos. Identify your target audience and get your music in front of them.

Music promotion is full of scammers, fake views, and inflated numbers. We have a trusted team of marketing professionals that use only tried and true marketing tactics so your music reaches real aspiring fans.

We will also guide you with your social media strategy and deliver assets to ensure you are getting the engagement you need to convert listeners into raging fans.


Our packages are designed to give you the best value, a complete solution to take your music from an idea to thousands of streams.


What You Get


Studio Time

Access to our professional recording studio, and library of sounds, mixes, and engineers.

Artist Consulting

Talented artists on the label will guide you the entire way, giving you industry insights.

Cover Graphic Design

A graphic designer to collaborate with you on the design of your cover and other graphic assets.


We help you distribute your music to all platforms for timely releases, as well as add the music to the back end of social networks. 

Fan Finder

Our targeting tactics ensure that we find the perfect listener to your music, placing the right music in front of the right person.

Spotify Playlisting

We send your music to Spotify playlist curators that fit your specific market, growing your reach and streams quickly.

Social Media Campaigns

Our marketing team will develop a content calendar specific to your brand and tell you exactly what to post, when, and why.

Animated Video

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Set up a professional photoshoot either indoor or outdoor to get the best shots for your project.

Music Video Production

Produce a high-end, creative music video without overspending to really push your music forward, using state of the art equipment and professionals.

FB, Insta, YouTube Ads

We create targeted Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube Ads with your music to reach millions of people.

Network of Professionals

You get an entire team of professionals focused on making you and your music succeed.

Reach Your Fans

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